What we do

Good question…

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, lo key is set up entirely for the purpose of collaboration.

I mean we know Ida enjoys the parties and falling into the turntables, and now that we’re nearly 2 years into this we finally have a solid crew going. DJ’s, Illustrators, Photo Capturers, and a nice little family to help keep us all grounded, but also to push us when we need that extra bit of encouragement, cus this shit gets hard boy.

We’ll be working on individual artist bio’s periodically so you get to know a bit more about us and understand specifically what it is we’re about.

But for now, have a little read of the below;


We take over afrodisiac live radio once a fortnight, from 6pm till midnight. Some of our artists also take part in radio broadcasts on other stations such as Bloop. (london), Limbo Radio (manchester) and Kiosk Radio (brussels).


In-store live stream broadcasts (Pop-Ups)

Our journey into live stream broadcasts started in 2015 and quickly escalated to Garphie’s Guavavibe Pizzeria and then onto South Coast Roast where we still gather regularly. We arrange one off in stores over the summer months with the most recent having been held at Rose Red Records. Keep your eyes peeled for more during 2018.



We’ve established 3 periodic club nights so far;

Future People

A night paying Homage to the legendary  nightclub, Plastic People. This is really a party for the lo key family and friends to come together, enjoy anything from 25 minute long Pharoah Sanders to heavy hitting percussion by Objekt or heavy bass rumbles from Hyperdub. It’s the sassy older sister that has her life on some sort of track…

The Key Hole

A darker experience from the lo key family. Its the weird younger brother, that sleeps till 4pm and raves till late, I guess. Imagine you are walking through a club, no clue what time/day it is or who you are, you’re so mushed that even though your eyes are fully open, everything seems as if you were looking through a key hole. That’s keyhole. I think…

No Result

A semi-regular night hosted by 60 Million Postcards where kyle and miche bring you music you wish you’d heard before. The two are self claimed people of the world, playing music of the world.


Of course we enjoy doing all of the above, it’s fun. But more importantly we set things up so we can help Bournemouth’s “alternative scene” grow into something that we know it has the potential to be. Here’s a few things we’ve done;

lo key presents the Hope For Food 48 hour charity radio broadcast

lo key’s International Women’s Day

In March, kyle and Ida curated an evening of female presenters and DJ’s to come down and do their ting. The three part series was recorded the day before International Women’s Day with an accompanying article to grace our blog, written by the lovely ladies.

kyle also went on to support B.Traits & Jossy Mitsu later that month hosted by our pals Space Cakes & Get Satisfied.

Part 1    |   Part 2   |   Part 3

If you like what you see here and would like to get in contact then please email lokeycollective@gmail.com or DM us via facebook.

Peace, love & red stripes

-lo key family x