Welcome to our monthly radio show

we're half way through the year, so we created a 
listening page here w/ all artwork.

After the success of hosting our own 48 hour radio broadcast for charity, we present to you a new monthly radio show to promote new music made by us and all our friends i.e. YOU.

Each member of lo key will take it in turns to showcase music not older than 6 months, ideally made by people we know and provide our own individual take on the 2 hours of air time.

Where & When

8-10pm @ afrodisiac live radio


We know a bunch of you produce your own music, we do too, but very few of us actually get others to hear what we’ve created via a platform where there aren’t any rules or very few boundaries.

So far…


You can ping us, DM, courier pigeon or whatever your 
tracks to lokeycollective@gmail.com - we use WeTransfer 
or Dropbox too! You may also enquire about hosting a 
show of your own.