lokey.wav – the listening page

learn about lokey.wav here. thanks to maisie read for the artwork. also sorry deep medi for copying your style x


phil – 140 BPM, bass rumble, dubstep – full tracklist


kyle – stuff his friends produce, some disco, some house, some breaks, some dubstep – pretty much everything – full tracklist


james – nu disco, stuff mall grab plays, his own productions and no 192kpbs we hope 😉 – full tracklist


miche – modern soul, house, techno, a song he stole from kyle and less chat for once – full tracklist


redshirt – dnb, halftime, footwork, jungle and a few vinyl blends in there too – full tracklist


the eclectics – Nick & Micky showcase a few unreleased gems from their record label and also give the show that balaeric feel that their so well known for – full tracklist


sexy matty – One of the founding members, and arguably the best looking 😉 provides a tasteful multi-genre hour packed full of goodness – full tracklist


blackdrop audio – more bass, dnb, halftime, footwork etc, a bunch of their own unreleased bits too – full tracklist


the lo key collective aka us – our annual radio show together as a cru, covering everything and having a bit of fun on the mic in between – full tracklist