The Key Hole

Welcome to the key hole..

A radio show and club night dedicated to all of you who love it hard, dark and heavy.

We gather regularly at afrodisiac live radio to celebrate the jaw crushing sounds of our favourite underground genres and our aim is to give you a taste of the darker side of the our record collections – it’s a darker experience from the lo key family. It’s the weird younger brother, that sleeps till 4pm and raves till late, I guess. Imagine you are walking through a club, no clue what time/day it is or who you are, you’re so mushed that even though your eyes are fully open, everything seems as if you were looking through a key hole. That’s the key hole. I think…. The ying to Future People’s yang

key hole is hosted by Prolific, kyle and a few other lo key DJ’s showcasing what the local bass scene has to offer here in Bournemouth. We’ll make you question your own existence as you’re hit by the relentless onslaught of multi-genre bass driven music – done in a clever way, aiming for a smooth musical progression of the night where fans of many underground sonics will feel right at home

Turn off your lights, grab your strobes and fire up the last week’s show in order to get a good understanding of what we’re all about.

Roll safely G’s

—lo key family x