We have a bi-weekly radio slot over at afrodisiac live radio where we take over the station from 6pm till midnight every other Wednesday… This started out in early 2016 when kyle and miche were invited onto Andy Garvey’s Delectabeats show – since then the two have taken the baton and turned this into our most regular get together, which has seen a bunch of you come down to share the airwaves with us, discovering many different sounds on the way.

Big shout to Raymond for allowing us to do this x


Regular shows include;

yougoodthing presents

Here kyle and miche host a bunch of you lovely people over at the studio for a two hour special where the host gets to play the music they want while we chase and try to play something fitting. This series runs closely with a monthly Friday social hosted at South Coast Roast Cafe, on Richmond Hill.

the key hole

One for the Bass / Techno heads. Curated mainly by Redshift & Prolific, the lo key crew show you the darker side of their record collections whilst showcasing the local talent in the area.


Our monthly new music show and one for the producers. The rules;

  • each lo key DJ, or close friends, has one go at the 2 hour radio show
  • music 6 months old or newer (reissues and represses included)
  • bonus points for playing songs made by your friends

We’ve teamed up with Maisie Read to deliver one off artwork pieces for this one, which is a lovely drawing of the show host – more on this over at the blog.

the four corners record club w/ miché

“aptly named ‘the four corners record club’, the series features some of the finest and most obscure records in my collection from all over the globe.

Grab a coffee, turn it up and enjoy.

m x


Other, more sporadic broadcasts;

lo key’s International Women’s Day

In March, kyle and Ida curated an evening of female presenters and DJ’s to come down and do their ting. The three part series was recorded the day before International Women’s Day with an accompanying article to grace our blog, written by the lovely ladies.

kyle also went on to support B.Traits & Jossy Mitsu later that month hosted by our pals Space Cakes & Get Satisfied.

Part 1    |   Part 2   |   Part 3

lo key presents the Hope For Food 48 Hour charity radio broadcast – click the picture below to find out how this one went.


lo key in conversation:

A more relaxed affair where we chill, chat music over dead air because we dont have to be professional, and perhaps even part take in a beer or two.