Future People

Future People is a Club Night movement that was born at Buffalo Bar, Winton, in January 2017.

The first night wasn’t until Friday, 5th May, but it gave us enough time to plan our first club outing as a collective, having only been a few months into things when the gig was offered to us by Charlie.

Most of you who have attended a FP night will know that we don’t really stick to any musical genre’s or themes and we leave these details from the posters/flyers deliberately.

It’s all about a celebration of familiar and not-so-familiar faces coming together to join us on our beer fuelled, musical journey. We also strive for intimacy that you won’t really find anywhere else in Bournemouth, and Buffalo was perfect for that; having everyone at only an arm’s length away meant it no longer felt like we are DJs playing to an audience. Rather, it was like one big mess of people partying and enjoying the music together.

Of course some of you summer ’89 ravers might think we pinched the Plastic People name. Yes… we kind of did… but really, we’re just trying to pay homage to something we weren’t lucky enough to be a part of.

Those are Miche’s words…

The memories that the Shoreditch nightclub created will always be left behind and we’re really grateful to Ade, Floating Points, Theo Parrish, the FWD nights, and many others, for the very simple idea of what a nightclub should be about – great space, great music and great people! After the 4 events we’ve done, we feel obliged to every single person who came down and partied with us during 2017; we are all so greatly humbled. It’s very exciting to see that Bournemouth is receptive to what we do, and we will continue to put our all into bringing that little something different into the area.

Future People will return during 2019…


…and yes, there will be more bongo drumming! In the meantime, you can listen to the live recording of our last show on Souncloud via the widget above.

-kyle, miche and matty x