We throw a bunch of parties, some serious, some fun. We are also lucky enough to play at some of our friends parties too! On this page you’ll find a handful of stuff happening in the coming months here and there..

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lo Key’s 2nd Bday Party – Future People vs Key Hole




Camden Bar, Westbourne

For a little over six months now, we’ve been working together with our pals at the eclectics on a new spot which we can call our “residency”. A place where you can go on a Friday and Saturday and it’ll be guaranteed a certain style of music and vibe – 9pm till.

Things have been building slowly, but we’re proud to say that it’s going well. Here’s September’s line up;


Friday 7th September – miche (lo key)

Saturday 8th September – Micky Browne (eclectics)

Friday 14th September – your girlfriend’s favourite DJ

Saturday 15th September –  Nick Shearer (eclectics)

Friday 21st September – Grant Williams (eclectics)

Saturday 22nd September – kyle (lo key)

Friday 28th September – Matt Richards (eclectics)

Saturday 29th September – miche (lo key)