The curators behind TRNS, Essence and lo key, luke and kyle have come together to bring you a journey of percussive music from around the globe, laced with electronic tangents and classic dance records.

Get ready to sweat.

About Luke;

Sometimes known as “DJ Adult Contemporary”, other times known as “Furiously Turning Into a Swan. Luke works for Rambert, a contemporary dance company in London and has an obsession with hardcore – he also thinks that The Matrix is the only continuously relevant fashion film. Appreciating all art forms, Luke thinks playing records are a lot of fun. “I love the physicallity of playing/collecting them, and I love them for the artwork… but digital for me as well as being easier to get about, there’s a lot more flexibility in terms playing a technically interesting set.” Having supported the likes of DJ EZ, Chase & Status, that’s what he’ll be bringing to Drumhead – a nice balance between selection and a technically interesting DJ set.

About kyle;

DJ, radio show host and curator for the content on this site. “I love the simple things in life… grilled chicken, spiced rum, old bicycles, pretty girls and repetitive music!” Described as the ‘wild card’ of the lo key DJ’s, nobody ever knows what kyle’s going to play. Inspiration comes mainly from Ben UFO, and others, attitude towards breaking genre paradigms.

Future nights;

Previous nights;

  • 20 April 2018, 60 Million Postcards