Crug Life

Who is Craig?

Is it true that he is one of the founding members of our collective? Is it true that he once led a life of petty crime while appearing in a High Contrast video in the illustrious nightclub, Fabric?

Who knows…

He’s been lost to the sauce for a while and nobody has spotted him in the wild for quite some time apart from Ida and kyle as the three of them will be cooking something juicy for ya’ll soon.

But real talk, Craig is co-running a new clothing brand here in Bournemouth – Zepher Clothing – and was an important part of getting things off the ground here at lo key in terms of inspiration and ideas.

kyle and Craig met while working as Accountants / Tax Advisor’s and doing real adult stuff day to day in between the sharing of memes. Eventually the desire to break out of the corporate mould got the better of Craig and he got fired, and everything you see on this site started.

Craig is a serious head with background in punk, hip hop, funk, soul and is responsible for Miche shazamming Ripa Na Xulipa.

Here’s a little embed from the archives for a ting Craig did…

You’ll be seeing more of him x