Who we are

We’re at the stage now where there’s enough of us involved to keep the good stuff churning and below you’ll find some pictures and also some tongue in cheek descriptions. We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously as we’re all just a bunch of friends having a good time really… but when it comes to our work we’re not here to fuck around. The content on this site should reflect that.

There’s approx 10 of us running tings here, with all our own skillsets, backgrounds, ages etc etc. but luckily we all share a likeminded vision for what lo key should be about.



One half of each other – kyle and miche are people of the world, playing music of the world.



Life Point Leader. The cool one. Single. Likes Dubstep. Cannot get you deliveroo discount on milkshakes despite the promises he makes.



49% shareholder. Spiritland resident. Beg. The South Coast’s Baelaric don. Likes northern soul & Floating Points a bit too much.



PengLad. AWOL, somewhere in Australia. Founding Member. Writes articles.

Sexy Matty


Sexy. Sometimes dead, sometimes alive… other times roid rage. Head of bongo drum. Part of Future People. Part of Key Hole. Swole.

Crug Life


Co founder. Formerly Lost to the sauce. Head of Zepher. Grumpy. Doesnt like to work.



lo key manager, here to get chatted up by Spanish men. Also here to give family motivational speeches. Excellent illustration and falling into the turntable skills. Terrible cloakroom assistant skills.



lo key dubstep liaison. Head of lokey.wav graphics. Everyone loves him, particularly single kyle. Enjoys sine waves.



Always out and about. Raves for refugees. Plays better techno than her boyfriend.

lo key family


The glue that keeps us all together x

lo key DJ’s vs Key Hole DJ’s – What’s the difference?


lo key DJ’s – The older sassy sisters that have their life on some sort of track. Soul, Jazz, Disco, House, Techno – Anything goes with the focus of Future People feel good vibes. miche, kyle, matt.


key hole DJ’s – More bass and generally a darker experience from the lo key family. Its the weird younger brother, that sleeps till 4pm and raves till late. Redshirt, Matt, Phil, James, kyle.