90’s house party w/ Pylon Soundz

As we come toward the end of 2020 one thing is for sure:

Life as we all know it has been turned upside down.

At first, I did what most of us did – found some great online radio shows to pass the time, baked some bread, created a rock/dub/punk-funk podcast with an old friend. Even gave ambient music a go. 

Fast forward to October and I’m in a state of despair. I need to dance. My life until now has always been about club culture, from grassroot venues watching bands, to taking weekly pilgrimages to nightclubs all over the UK and beyond.

It’s a part of me. It’s who I am.  

During lockdown I even stopped DJ’ing and listening to my records as with no event or gig in the pipeline I felt very uninspired. This is just how it goes sometimes, I guess?

With our extended summer ending I really needed to burn off some steam so, along with a few great friends, we decided to do something about it and put on a small free party on the beach. DW there was only 6 people there 😉

Playing records at that did great things for my mood and also my relationship with music. So much so, that I’m back recording mixes with tonnes of energy.

This is the first of many ideas, focussing on an era that is usually forgotten about, passed off as the Britpop years, Spice Girls and Blink 182. It’s the 90’s.

So get in your Mazda MX-7, pick up your girlfriend Tracey, and head to the club to have a dance and sink a few Reefs

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