Lockdown Community Radio

Well 2020 is off to a strange start.

January and February were real strong. Velo had the best birthday party I’ve seen in a while, and we’ve officially launched The People’s Post – a zine by yours truly, showcasing what we and our friends are up to in this lovely seaside town.

And then we hit March… …

Introducing Lockdown Community Radio – brought to you by Kyle from lo key and Dan from Velo Domestique.

In these chaotic times, we have created a platform to allow musicians, events organisers and business whose livelihoods have been affected by the current Coronavirus situation. We will also be talking to people from the community, how various groups are reacting to the crisis and generally bring good vibes and positivity to your home.

Our radio station will be live on air from Velo Domestique in Southbourne every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from midday to 6pm. We are inviting people to listen in to find out how they can support the industries that mean so much to us at this difficult time.

Our listening link is:


Keep it Local, Keep it Locked

Thank you for listening

Dan & Kyle



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