lo key’s Quick Fire Q’s – Kira

I can’t really remember where I met Klaudia exactly, though my hazy memory tells me either Bomo Bunker or a house party somewhere in 2018?!

Either way, she’s always been on the fringes of the lo key family – keeping up to date w/ what we get up to whilst partying w/ us, quietly paying attention to what Dan got up to back in the day, and now playing out a number of times in and around Bournemouth. This makes me well excited as I personally think it’s time for a lot of the old heads to step aside and welcome new and fresh talent.

Keen photographer too from what I remember of her chewing my ear off one night somewhere in Winton lol – here’s what she has to say;

photography by Ruby
  • Hi Kira, if you could introduce yourself…

-Hey, what’s good? It’s KIRA (Klaudia) here. I’m a Bournemouth based DJ, been in the game for just over a year. I’m a member and a resident DJ at an all female brand called House of Hi-Fi. Dark, deep and minimal is how I’d describe my style. Drum and Bass is my go to genre but I also do some other bits on the side.

-How did I know you were gonna ask this? You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that ask me this, haha – I think it’s great. But no, unfortunately it’s not like Kira from Death Note, it’s a name you often come across in Russian culture and it kinda just clicked, with me having strong Russian roots I felt like it was a perfect fit.

  • Tell us how you got into this DJ lark then…

So I’ve always liked my music, even when I was little but I think moving to the UK at a young age, then growing up here and experiencing the music scene is what sparked a massive interest. I remember listening to UKF Dubstep and a bit of DNB when I was at secondary school but that was about it until I went to my first music festival (NASS Festival) in 2012. Being 16 at the time it was a mad experience for me, considering I’ve never done anything like it before, it really opened my eyes to this whole new world I didn’t really know existed. DNB and raving became my passion you could say, I loved everything about it.  A lot of the people I surrounded myself with had very musical backgrounds and were into production and DJing, predominantly boys as well. I remember being very interested in it all but a bit hesitant as I had no experience in playing instruments or in music what so ever. It took me a good couple years of meeting new faces in the scene, endless conversations in kitchens at random house parties and a certain someone telling me I just need to pull my finger out (you know who you are, haha!). I started having a go on my brother’s decks and shortly after got invited to do a guest mix at Afrodisiac Radio for lo key…and here I am! The momentum hasn’t really slowed down since then, 2019 was an amazing first year- I feel blessed!

  • Do you produce yet?

-I don’t just yet, but it’s something I’m definitely going to be putting a lot of time and effort into hopefully soon. Watch this space!

  • I see you been doing tings on Goat Shed under a Shade Militia – can you tell us more about this new project?

-Shade Militia is a new collective of the south coast’s finest DJs, MCs, artists and producers ranging from 130-180bpm, that I am also part of – shouts to Adam (Goast) and Joe Raygun for getting me involved! We have a lot of amazing artists on board for this one, all of which do different bits. It only made sense to join forces and make a good thing out of it. We have Adam (Goast), the mastermind and head honcho of Goat Shed doing his 140 dub and of course allowing us to use the amazing studio space at Goat Shed for this, Dunman doing his 140 grime bits, Cal from On The Wax doing 130, then myself, Cyan, DJ AMA and Blazin’ doing drum and bass. We also have 3 sick MCs Joe Raygun, Connec and Forbes. Expect a lot of regular live streams on Goat Shed and other online radio platforms from us. We’re also going to be working with some big brands and hopefully doing some events later this year, if the whole Corona situation allows us to –  FINGERS CROSSED!

  • How about House of Hi Fi? Females are running tings these days nah?

-House of Hi-Fi is an all female collective and it’s aim is to push new and upcoming females in the scene, we love that fresh talent. Last year was a great year for HOH, we have played shows and festivals nationally and internationally (Outlook Festival, Boomtown, Red Bull Open House, Enter & Drumfunk, Goat Shed, Bloc2Bloc, supported Alix Perez, Funtcase, Randall, been listed by DJ Flight in her top influential women for Black History Month and much more). 

Honestly, I’m super proud to be a part of this all female brand. The girls behind this, Kate, Billie and Arletta have worked their asses off to get us to where we are now, these gals are constantly grafting. Couldn’t have asked for better boss ladies! Don’t forget my fellow selectas, DJ AMA, Kyro and Sheba Q absolutely smashing the DJ scene.

It’s a great feeling to see so many females doing bits nowadays, it’s a breath of fresh air and people can’t get enough of it!

  • Stoked to know that’s how things are going for you b, now onto some Quick Fire Q’s

-Big up for having me, it was a pleasure!

photography by Ruby
  • DJ Slots – Friday Night or Saturday Afternoon?

-Friday night for sure! 

  • Records or Digital?

-I love me a good ol’ record but I’m gonna have to choose digital for that speed and convenience. 

  • Warm Up, Peak Time or Come Down Set?

-Give me a warm up or peak time set and I’ll be happy.

  • New Releases or Crate Digging?


  • DBridge, Alix Perez or Bukem, and why?

-Alix Perez because I feel like his work has influenced me as an artist the most out of the three.

  • Technique or Selection?


  • Festivals – Outlook or Boomtown?


  • White wine or Lambrini? lol

-All about the Sauv Blanc.

  • Ketchup or Brown Sauce?


  • What’s your favourite local hang out spot?

-The Dancing Ledge just off of Swanage.

  • Where can people find you on social media?

KIRADNBUK across all socials; Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Previous Quick Fire Q guests;

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