lo key’s Quick Fire Q’s – Pylon Soundz

The thing I’ve always valued the most, running this site / platform these last few years, is the like minded people you meet along the way. Some become friends, others become family. The rest, well… you know how it goes..

Yeah that sounds cheesy but it really is the reason everything started in the first place back when Craig and I were still Accountants lol.

Fast forward to April 2018 and Alex Morris, aka Pylon Soundz, turns up at our first Key Hole party w/ his crew. Charlie shouts something about Eliphino & Trim during my set. Bex proceeds to be her nurturing self apologising for the carnage this new crew is just about to lay down at Bomo Bunker that night lol. Always bringing the energy, meeting Alex et al was v refreshing at that time and is another example of this natural attraction / flow / whatever you wanna call it that I’ve prolly bored all of you to death with by now.

But anyway, I digress.

May I present, Mr Hidden Rhythm




  • Hi Alex, if you could introduce yourself…

Yes Kyle, my name is Alex but from an early age my nickname was Pylon (for obvious height reasons) so the strange misspelled dj name comes from that.

  • Tell us how you came across lo key and our wider community?

I’ve been collecting records since my early teens and was a bedroom dj for a number of years but I’d heard about nights happening at SCR so decided to pluck up some courage and head down and see what was going on. It eventually led to me playing some records one evening and meeting the Lo Key gang and other great likeminded people.

  • What’s this about coffee? 

My first ever job at 16 was at a coffee roastery, so it pretty much runs through my veins. I continued down that path and today I run a coffee company with a good friend in Dorchester. We supply coffee to coffee shops so naturally I am a coffee obsessive. I have even got you brewing fresh filter at home 😉

  • We heard you skate too, tell us about that and your other interests?

Yes, I am back on my skates hitting up local skate parks. I am old and it hurts a lot more now but it has really helped me de-stress after long weeks at work.

I also enjoy traveling around the UK to different clubs/club nights/raves and dancing all night – if you can call that a hobby?

  • Tell us about the mix…

So I decided to focus on some records that I have really enjoyed playing over the last year and also some that I don’t play out that often. It’s mainly house with a few oddities thrown in at the end.

Thanks …, now onto some Quick Fire Q’s


  • DJ Slots – Friday Night or Sunday Afternoon?

Friday Night

  • Vinyl or Digital?


  • Warm Up, Peak Time or Come Down Set?

Torn between peak and come down.

  • New Releases or Crate Digging?


  • Detroit or Djibouti? lol


  • 7, 10 or 12 inches? 😉

12 😉

  • Technique or Selection?


  • Festivals – Dekmantel or Glasto?

The music of Dekmantel but the spirit of Glastonbury.

  • Red Stripes or Negroni’s? Or a Latte? lol


  • Ketchup or Brown Sauce?

Fruity brown 4 lyf

  • Where can people find you on social media?

Instagram     |   Soundcloud     |     Mixcloud

Alex Morris x

Previous Quick Fire Q guests;

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