What is lo key collective? Part 3

There’s been a lul lately, I mean this site hasnt been updated in over a month now. I’m tired. Running this with the same energy I had back in September 2016 is fucking tough.

I mean it’s not just me. The world we live in is different these days, everything’s so turbulent – I mean memes use to be popular for a week ffs, now one day it’s here and the next it’s… Do you guys remember Harambe?

During the last 8/9 or so months we all decided to take a step back. Some of us finished uni, others decided this is not what we want to be doing anymore. All of us are trying to do our best adult impressions, and on top of that, this great big collective thing suddenly turned into work. But can we just take a moment to discuss what lo key collective actually is? Cus god knows a bunch of you keep asking me – lets just take a moment to check what’s changed since that first article.

We started 6 different club nights (or shall we call them parties, that seems a better word) – all different music, and in different venues. We’ve managed to gain 4 residency spots, not to mention those venues we don’t have the pleasure of working with anymore. Just had a repress/reissue of our original line of tshirts. We’ve hosted over 100 radio shows, totalling nearly 50,000 minutes of listening, not including that 48 hour live stream broadcast we did for Hope For Food.. miche put himself out there, fucked off and got a job in london and lo and behold is playing We Out Here in August. All this while booking DJ’s for 4 venues across London. We’ve been invited and hosted in Amsterdam, Birmingham, Paris, Bordeaux, Zurich, Stockholm, and have invited 2 international DJ’s to play at parties in Westbourne (of which the 3rd will be hosted on 21 June 😉). We played at a bunch of private parties, hosted a rave between Bournemouth & Boscombe pier, mostly handled by Dom Barden, including persuading the policeman to let us continue for another hour at 6am – absolutely wired, might I add.

So yeah what is lo key collective?

Is it easily defined? Is it mysterious? Was that always the intention? Who knows.

We’re still around. Social media has tainted a lot of things.

So can we please go back to basics?


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