lo key’s Quick Fire Q’s – Traces

I didn’t really shy away from the fact that I was upset when baby boy Theo aka phil told me that he’s quitting uni and moving back to London. I mean he came here and really fucked shit up by opening everyone in the crew’s eyes to what’s really happening in the Dubstep / 140 bpm scene.

Then George came down to radio one evening

These fucking boys.

The two work under the Traces moniker and within the short space of time when Theo joined us in late 2017, they’ve only gone and recently had a record pressed on Kaarbanik Sound. A fucking limited 10″ too!

Big Theo has gotta pursue whatever makes him happy which, we all as a collective, strongly encourage one another to do, and I’m sure Georgie is keeping him grounded with all that fucking knowledge about sound system culture and just general geeky shit – we even chatting Deep House recently.

These boys are going places and yes I’m butt licking so they’ll keep sending me them dubs ;-).

Big love, hope you enjoy their Quick Fire Q’s

DJ Hyperdub Back Catalogue x

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  • Hey guys, if you could introduce yourselves…

Theo: We’re Traces a.k.a George and Theo. Met at school, both love music, what more can you say really?

  • You’re part of  what’s that all about?

George: We’re signed to a few labels, Rarefied being one of them. Personally, I’ve always had them in the back of my head. They’re just different, a big breath of fresh air from the norm.

T: The other few labels are hush hush at the moment, however I can assure it’s some of our best production to date!

  • How did the relationship w/ lo key come about?

T: At the time when I first met Kyle, I was making lo-fi beats on my SP. Putting two and two together, I thought that lo-key was a collective for that kind of music and sent a message through. Having quickly realised it wasn’t, and one trip down to Afro-Disiac later and that was it; I already felt like part of the gang.

  • What are you guys up to these days?

G: For me I’ve been making some ambient music on the side. I took some field recordings from nights out over the summer last year and tried building a soundtrack around one. After that I kind of found that ambient music itself is quite therapeutic to write. Not sure whether I’ll ever release it somewhere, but that was never the point really, it was always for myself to relive good times with friends.

T: Finally going to study Sound Engineering in London. Couldn’t be more excited to start. Production wise, just trying to start a new idea or work on something new each day. Trying out different techniques, methods, samples, you name it.

  • Why 140 and what’s your history with it?

G: After I left school I got a job working at Brixton Jamm with some friends, making food inside the venue. Mala was playing one night and during my break I caught half of his set, that was when I got hooked. Back then Mala played ‘Pinch – The Boxer (Kromestar remix)’ on dubplate and I just remember just thinking while inside the moshpit: “Man, there’s no other music that makes me feel this way”

T: To be completely honest, I discovered Dubstep from Jamm too; seeing Digital Mystikz as your first set is going to leave an impression on you, no matter what. I think it was when “Earth a Run Red” got wheeled for the third time where I was like yeah, this is pretty cool.

Thanks …, now onto some Quick Fire Q’s


  • Friday Night Slot or Sunday Afternoon Slot?

T: Friday Night. Gotta be hype.

G: Depends what you book me to play.

  • Records or Digi?

T: Initially it was Digi but Vinyl has slowly crept up on me and become a dangerous habit. Stage 4 of the illness is cutting dubs, thats when you know you’re too far gone!

G: Same here, there’s something much more satisfying about mixing vinyl, with CDJs you can mix so quickly you’ve got to ask yourself are you playing a grime set or a dubstep set?

  • Warm Up, Peak Time or Come Down Set?

T: A healthy blend of Peak Time and Come Down.

G: Warm Up or Peak Time, I never stay awake long enough to do Come Down haha.

  • New Releases or Crate Digging?

T: I’m gonna add a third answer, Discogs.

G: Crate digging, if everyone is playing the new banger I’d rather take time to dig up a forgotten gem.

  • First Pressing or Reissues?

T: 1st.

G: Reissues, I pray every night for Versa – Rainfall in Dub repress.

  • 7, 10 or 12 inches? 😉

T: 10” – got the duality of portability and blendability.

G: 7” – I’m in love with ZamZam at the moment.

  • Technique or Selection?

T: Selection. Look at Kyle, for example 😉

G: Selection, nothing on you K.

  • Deep Dubstep or Grime?

T: I’ve fallen out of touch with grime, Dubstep for me. To be honest, they’re kind of the same thing now.

G: I have a soft spot for grime, gotta be Dubstep though.

  • AUB or BU? lol

T: Pass…

  • Rider Shafique or SP:MC

T: Saw SP:MC recently in Vauxhall, was sick. He’s a natural host for sure and brings loads of energy to the set.

G: Riiiider.

  • Deep Medi or System Music? And Why?

G: Medi, even if they’re not killing it right now, you can’t say dubstep would be where it is without them, a crucial label.

T: System for the consistency. Medi for the nostalgia.

  • Ketchup or Brown Sauce?

T: Mans a Ketchup dan dan.

G: Neither.

  • Where can people find you on social media and what can we look forward to next?

Soundcloud & Facebook: tracesuk

Twitter and Insta: traces_uk

G: Just more releases, shows, and mixes. Gonna be around for a while! Only just getting started…


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