Come Home to Music

We wrote about the venue for the first time in Summer 2017 after going down to see Micky do his thing for 5 hours. Now head honcho miche is running tings handling the programming for both Spiritland venues and a few other spaces in London.

Things have escalated nicely with both kyle and miche playing at listening bar’s in Europe – kyle taking Cafe Mancuso in Bordeaux and Cafe Belgique in Amsterdam, and miche visiting Kasheme in Zurich, with a few more bookings in Stockholm and Paris coming up for both.

Earlier this month the two played together at the Kings Cross venue for the first time to mark yet another milestone since those monthly YouTube videos from 2015… … – milestones of which they seem to keep reaching every few months.

The next adventure sees them both galavanting to Paris, alongside lo key DJ Prolific aka Sexy Matty aka the party boy of the group (or is it all 3 of them?). Together, the three have been the poster boys for the Future People parties, making a name for their beer fuelled DJ sets where drinks, chicken nuggets and high fives fly around above the 12 inch high energy Disco cuts being played out of equally high energy techno, or some tribal thing.

Those parties have been iconic in shaping the collective to what it is now, and the 3 boys are sure to pack their record bags as freely as the Future People music policy allows for that extra va va voom, or something equally French. Expect to hear them play at the following venues across 11-15 March;


Le Mellotron  |  13 March  |  11pm till 1am CET

Les Ecuries  | 14 March  |  8:30pm till 1:30am CET


Michie miche (or mikey 2 smooth as he’d like to be called during 2019) will be venturing further afield into Stockholm on 15 March, playing at Hosoi from 6pm CET.

Peace, love and red stripes x



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