lo key’s Quick Fire Q’s – Ryan Cannon

We met Ryan online due to his affiliation w/ Afrosynth Records, in JHB South Africa.

The young selector took the time to record this deep and mellow journey for us, and we’re stoked that he agreed to get involved in our Quick Fire Q’s. He watches the scene with a close eye based on social media activity and already shows knowledge that puts him well ahead of most “heads” in our scene these days – understanding the roots of House Music, especially places like Chicago or Detroit shows, to me, that you’re getting into things for the right reasons.

Hailing from my neck of the woods I just had to get him involved somehow – I was jealous to learn that he’s supported Antal at a night in Johanessburg in 2018 though… lol

May we present to you, Ryan Cannon




  • Hi Ryan, if you could introduce yourself…

Hi Kyle and the rest of the lo key collective thanks for having me. I go by the name of Ryan Cannon from Johannesburg , South Africa. I am a DJ, music curator and record collector.

  • You’re part of Afrosynth Records what’s that all about?

Well i am part of a South African record label called Afrosynth Records which is owned by DJ Okapi, which specializes in African music (Bubblegum, Kwaito, Afrobeat etc) and we also put reissues

  1. Friday Night Slot or Sunday Afternoon Slot?

Sunday afternoon slot – Quite the fan of sundowner sets.

  1. Records or Digital?

Records, Well thats obvious.

  1. Warm Up, Peak Time or Come Down Set?

Warm Up most def – theres just something beautiful about playing records for a empty room and watching it fill up.

  1. New Releases or Crate Digging?

Crate Digging.

  1. First Pressing or Reissues?

First pressing but if theres a reissue i see no reason to complain.

  1. 7, 10 or 12 inches? 😉

12 inches.

  1. Technique or Selection?


  1. Brazil or Africa?


  1. Red Stripes of Posh Crafties?

Red Stripes.

  1. Ketchup or Brown Sauce?


  1. Where can people find you on social media?

Fb: Ryan Cannon   |   Insta: @spellsfromsapporo

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