The Annual Return Of The Illicit Groove

Bob Hill from The Return of the Illicit Groove joined us on the radio airwaves on Wednesday the 30th of January for his annual visit to yougoodthing & Friends aka the lo key collective.

As well as curating an hours playlist which included tunes he’d played on a recent DJ visit to Belgrade to DJ at the 4th Funk Kongres, Bob also joined kyle in sharing the selection responsibilities at the start of the show. Bob and kyle discussed a broad range of subjects including neo-colonialism in music, the relationships between the Generation-X & Millennials and putting records on the wrong speed and how to get away with it.

The two also talked about their respective upcoming gigs at Spiritland, Kings Cross, Bob’s gigs at BBE Audiolounge and the  We Out Here Jazz Festivals later in the year.

You can read more about The Return of the Illicit Groove by following the blog at

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Are we all cultural archivists?


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