Disco Juju

You guys may recall a few posts last year regarding Sam and the Disco Juju movement. Disco JuJu is a club night and collective of DJs in Bournemouth UK specialising in world music.

It was great to be asked to get involved in another project pushing the same musical ethos as us here at lo key HQ, even better now that I’m not responsible for the programming 😛 but joking aside, it’s great to be working on something with a team of old and young, experienced heads, all with a great passion and record collections to boot.

So unleash your inner Juju to the sounds of Worldly Beats, Cosmic Vibrations, Trance Chants and Rhythms.

We hope you enjoy the sounds in the recording – there will also be a club night on Saturday, 16 February at Buffalo Bar, Lansdowne – hope to see you there, RSVP by clicking on the image below.




Dominowe - Newlands Mgido
Tafi All Stars  Outside Rhythm
Steel An Skin - Lady (Instru)
Marehamu George Mukabi - Bibi Mama Ngani Mzuri
M'Bamina - Mbongui
Prince Blackman - Rockers Delight 
(Shams Dinn) شمس دين - Hedi Bled Noum
Simba - Movin'
Joe Loco - Chua Chua Boogaloo 
El Mangle - Eliseo Herrera y Su Conjunto
Aunty Flo - Radio Souk
DJ Katapila - Ghana Baby DJ
Jean-Marie Bolangassa - Disna Ngai
Voilaaa - Decalement
DJ Clea - Fantasy
Yta Jourias - Adome Nyueto 
Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You
Omar Souleyman - Leil El Bareh
Samim - Heater (Claude Vonstroke Remix)
Griffit Vigo - Come To Durban
Cain - Sirin
Lone - Blue Moon Tree
Jun Kamoda



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