lokey.wav – 2018 roundup!

2018 was great and now that we’re over our hiatus it’s about time we release the final instalment of 2018’s new / unreleased music series we’ve been hosting, lokey.wav.

In that time we hosted 9 radio broadcasts.

You’ve seen the blog posts, you’ve heard the weird and wonderful sounds we’re pushing, and you’ve also seen Maisie’s sick illustrations – so with this final recording for 2018 we all came together to host our annual radio show as a crew!

In typical lokey.wav format, nearly the full track listing can be found below.

We’ll also be hosting a little exhibit of Maisie’s artwork at our next “sh00bz” event at buffalo bar in Lansdowne, along with other displays and live music on 21 February 2019.

We hope to see you there and enjoy the 2 hour recording above x


Our 2018.wav list

kyle - E-Unity - CD-Rom

k - Tony Allen - Asiko (In A Silent) (Motor City
 Drum Ensemble Remix)

k - Space Drum Meditation - Atencao

k - E-Unity - Unknown Graffito

k - Aæe & Bandi - Switchblade

k - Ploy - Ramos

phil's .wavs is DUBS only soz...

miche - Dwight Trible and The Gondwana 
 - Love Is Everywhere

cosmic - Alix Perez - Slink

c - Foreign Concept - Gozen

c - Ewol - Suppress

c - Alix Perez - BXL

c - Vromm - Restart

miche - Silvio Cesar - Nao Nasci Pra Jogador

m - Kat Roberts - Stand Up For What You Want

m - Red Greg - Love Break

m - Donnell Pitman - Love Explosion

m - Ntombi Ndaba - Tomorrow

m - Bebeto - Princesa Negra De Angola

m - Syclops - The Skipper

m - Peverelist - Aztec Chant (Tessela Remix)

k - Tessela - Glisten

k - Avalon Emerson - Finally Some Common

k - Bitstream - Vic Twenty

k - Simo Cell - Stop The Killing

cosmic - Data 3 - Fractil

c - Alix Perez & Monty - Caligo

c - Break, DLR & Randall - Song and Dance

c - SpectraSoul - Untitled Horn

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