What is the definition of eclecticism?

Nick Shearer

I know in the recording above, Nick refers to his good friend ‘Bevis’ as Mr Italo, but I honestly have never heard of this section of music before I met Nick, and I’m particularly a big fan of the way he pronounces the word Italo in his husky northern tones 😉

2018 has seen me work quite a fair bit with Nick, which I’m really glad about as I got to become quite friendly with Micky, Matt and Sean over 2017 during the Eats n Beats phase. This year it started when Luke hosted an Icy Cold Lake session at 60mpc back in January. Nick had brought out the old oil burner, i mean lighting rig lol which has seen subsequent outings in recent months, and now we’re also working together on project Disco Juju(ice) which will see more of the afro latin flavours being spread around Bournemouth.

Keep an eye out for more individual features in this series – probably once a year.. Up next are either Micky, Sean or Grant.

We hope you enjoy the recording above.


All tracks are taken from Nick’s collection and the releases can be found below;

Burning Spear - Associates 
The Orb - Back Side Of The Moon
New Fads - You Were Lying When You Said You
Loved Me
Happy Mondays - Wrote for Luck
Wendy Garcia - Sexo Sexo
Musique - Jam 
Funkatarium - Jump 
Romanthony - The Wanderer 
Autechre - Lowrider
Mr Flagio - Take a Chance
Bobby Davenport - Time 
Photek - Modus Operandi 
Rommie Singh - Dancing To Forget 
Barbatuques - Baiana Wolf Muller (Drum Drop Mix)
Moraz Bruford - Blue Brains
Anugama & Sebastiano - Dancing Tribe
The Manc floppy bob


Nick’s previous Blog features;

lokey.wav w/ the eclectics – June 2018

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