Kalita Records comes to Westbourne

I’m sure you guys remember the few occasions we spent at Camden Bar, Westbourne over the summer…

that Sunday we played Daft Punk’s Rollin n Scratchin at 1:30am when the party should’ve ended at 11pm, people on the tables and everything. Not forgetting that Thursday at the end of August when DJ Okapi had us dancing till the sorts of hours where a few of us had to call in sick the next day! And lastly, the residencies kyle, miche and the eclectics have been holding down every weekend in that room with its sultry golden red lights.

You guys remember all that right?!

With that being said, the eclectics have upped the game and booked none other than Chris Webb, from Kalita Records – a brand new record label specialising in . Come on down for an evening of worldly delights from Chris and residents.

Saturday, 11 November, 8pm till late. Don’t sleep on this one…


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