kyle does Cafe Mancuso

It’s September and I can’t really remember the last time I had some spare time to write an article on here – things are clearly going v v well but this post isnt really for that.

In July I was fortunate enough to be swanned off to Bordeaux, France to play at a friends wedding in this incredible chatauex. While there I did a bit of research to see if there could be any other gigs I can occupy my time with and to finally become an international superstar DJ i.e. better than miche (which is a given, I know, but you know what he’s like…)

Last July we discovered that high end audiophile restuarants are a thing and it so happens that a good part of the scene / DJ’s we follow play at these venues. Micky was the first to do it at Spiritland in Kings Cross. Nick & miche shortly followed suit w/ miche being handed the job of a monthly residency that continues to this day.

So when Gui welcomed me to the cafe in Bordeaux I was understandably chuffed to be the first of the crew to open up new doors for us to continue this series of “listening” articles.

There’s not really much more I can add than to say that Gui & Phillipe have a really solid setup and it was super nice to be able to play on a setup as well put together as you find in these establishments.

What’s next? Well there is always Brilliant Corners, which we spoke about briefly before – and also miche heads to Kasheme, Zurich, in a weeks time, so you have another 3+ hour recording to put on as you do your housework, or whatever it is you’ll be doing for 3 hours 😉

I hope you enjoy the recording – it is my longest to date, and big up Cafe Mancuso for the opportunity!





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  1. Steve Optix says:

    Lovely looking setup, Bozak, Technics, Tannoys, there’s no monitors in view though? I always find it a nightmare if speakers are forward and nothing pointing back or from behind!


    1. The monitor is in view on the last black & white image on the article 🙂 didn’t use it till the end of the session, but yes overall it was a very very well put together setup! k


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