A Sunday Afternoon in Westbourne

With the closure of the original Buffalo at the end of 2017, we knew that our Future People parties wouldn’t stop there. From our bunker party in late 2017, followed by the reuniting of FP and Buffalo at the new location in May 2018, I started to begin to crave something else.

Playing incredible records such as “Presente Grego” from Arthur Verocai’s self titled album to the acetate I made of Shahid Wheeler’s much sought after “Just One Dance Before You Go” (thanks for that Marcus!) at the last Future People, I realised two things: One; You can play the most incredible and out there records and some people just wont get it and two; the group of people who do get it… REALLY get it.

The people who didn’t get it were just  out on a saturday night and probably wanting the same music they hear every weekend, enjoy that but no I won’t play your request of the eurovision song contest’s winners song (no shit, it happened).

I play my records a lot around this town and theres no comparison to some of the atrocious saturday nights and the Future People nights we threw in 2017 but I still wanted that little bit more. That place for the people who do get it, to be able to dance with the people who don’t get it not knowing the party is even happening.

The other inspiration for the idea was the You’re a Melody parties at the Lion and Lamb in Hoxton. After sleeping in my car after my Horse & Groom all night residency, I would attend the Lion and Lamb on a Sunday afternoon to hear some of the best record collections about. A party for the heads, by the heads… and food for thought.

So I write this in bed, coming down with the flu because I totally overdid it with 3 events  across the UK and very little sleep this past weekend, but on Sunday to look up whilst playing some of my prize records and to see all of my friends under one roof eating good food, drinking amazing beers and dancing way past the curfew was a total privilege.

I must thank Justin for his open minded attitude and love of the groove, if only all bar managers could have your spirit! The Camden Family for everything you’ve all ever requested. John for the amazing photos. The gentleman & rogues club boys for cutting mine and many other lovely people’s hair, Tommy for the greatest opening set I could have imagined for this, Kyle for being Kyle and opening a modern soul party with Daft Punk’s Da Funk… as you do, and finally all the dancers for being more wonderful than I can ever remember.

Until the next one

M x






full photo album can be found here.

Whilst the recordings are uploaded, my laptop decided it couldn’t do it all in one, so I’ve uploaded the three seperately, I couldn’t get the full sets of mine or kyles but there is enough for you to understand what the party is all about!

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