Sunday People

I first met tommy at South Coast Roast last year, where we used to party every Friday during the Eats N Beats era, and met a lot of nice people while we were at it. But when i met Tommy I knew that this guy was a serious digger.

Since then I’ve invited him to support me at a few shows and with his Astral Travelling nights popping up around bournemouth, his selecting is starting to get the credit it deserves.

When I came up with the concept of Sunday People, I wanted a party for the heads hosted by the heads – and I’m so happy to say that Tommy will be joining us to open the first of this string of parties, with wonderful records no doubt.

Only a handful of DJ’s will be playing this party to keep the concept and music policy unique.

S/o to Justin Cambray aka justin from yougoodthing and of course, the family at Camden in Westbourne!

M x



Camden Bar, Westbourne
24th June
4pm – 11pm
One for the Hospitality Industry – RSVP and dont forget to tell your friends


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