lo key’s Quick Fire Q’s w/ Luke Riffiths

I met Luke in 2014, when veloDan started putting on fixed gear bicycle races in Bournemouth. At this point, I’d only discovered hipster life a few years ago so I was still finding it weird that there were people into what I’m into, living in Bournemouth – some things never change they say.

Anyway, it wasnt until early 2017 that Luke and I really started getting to know each other, and now we’re putting on our first party together at @60mpc this Friday.

The curator behind TRNS, Essence & Sojourn has taken the time to record the little teaster above and also to do a round of our Quick Fire Q’s.




  • Hi Luke, if you could introduce yourself?

Hey I’m Luke, co-founder of TRNS and Essence, alongside a few other projects… I work for Rambert, a contemporary dance company in London and have an obsession with hardcore.

  • Drum breaks or guitar solo’s?

…that’s a hard one as I do love a good riff… but breaks are just so much more cathartic in
terms of playing and dancing.

  • Friday night slot or Sunday afternoon slot?

I dont think anyone wants to listen to my records on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Bournemouth or London?

As much as I love the south coast, Bournemouth is a bit of cultural black hole and stressed me out a lot trying to fight against the tide to put on creative events. It has a lot of promise, especially with crews like yourself, eclectics, Space Cakes etc… for the music anyway… so i will say London for now.

  • Records or Digital?

Records are a lot of fun, I love the physicallity of playing/collecting them, and I love them for the artwork… but digital for me as well as being easier to get about, there’s a lot more
flexibility in terms playing a technically interesting set. Also the majority of the labels artists I follow aren’t signed or don’t have funding for pressing records + theres a lot of bigger labels thinking about switching to digital as vinyl lacks the quality of
cutting edge digital audio files. See the Ben UFO/Hessle post.

  •  New Releases or Crate Finds?

New new new. But the crate is always there.

  •  Technique or Selection?

Selection every time… but a technically skilled DJ will make you sweat way more. S/o people like Manara and Venus X for being the best going tbh.

  • Coffee or Chai Tea?

Coffee, altho I’m not drinking caffeine atm

  • XOYO or Lion & Lamb? 😉

Lion and Lamb haha. XOYO is a boxing ring for fragile men every weekend.



The curators behind TRNS, Essence and lo key, luke and kyle have come together to bring you an evening of percussive music from around the globe, laced with electronic tangents and classic dance records. Get ready to sweat.

luke b2b kyle from YOUGOODTHING all night long

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