lokey.wav w/ Miché – April 2018

My best friend, 49% lo key shareholder, Floating Red Greg Points wannabe, and most importantly, the south coast’s Balearic don stepped up to the plate for the April edition of our monthly new music show.

We’re 4 shows deep now with each of them bringing their own little flavour, which is exactly what we were hoping for. Miche didn’t play as many Melodies International records as I was expecting, but the lack of chat is definitely fresh.

With a few London residencies under his belt, the grumpy co founder of lo key continues to keep us all on our toes by pushing the quality of the work we produce. Did you know one of those residencies is at Spiritland?



Bobby Wright/Abu Talib - Blood of an American (Melodies International) [April 2018]
 Four Tet - Lush - (Text) [October 2017]
 Mama - Unmask Me (Batty Bass) [December 2017]
 Miché - Sorrow (No Label) [March 2017]
 Mall Grab - Ahmad (AVA records) [October 2017]
 Joris Biesmans - Sunday Love (Rhythm Cult Germany) [January 2018]
 Disco Dub Band - For The Love Of Money (Mr Bongo) [Jan 2018]
 Venus Dodson - Shining (Kinfine) [Jan 2018]
 Phyllis Hyman - You Know How To Love Me - DFP Disco Blend (Le Edits) [March 2018]
 Keep Diggin :) (A Really Nice Label) [Sometime In The Last 6 Months]
 Family Attraction - Disco Boogie (Family Groove Records) [November 2017]
 Schatzi - Track 1 (Schatzi) [December 2017]
 Daphni - Hey Drum (Jiaolong) [November 2017]
 K-Hand - 007 (трип) [October 2017]
 Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Ninja Tune) [January 2018]
 Bicep - Glue (Ninja Tune) [November 2017]
 The Streets - Its Too Late (679/Locked On) [March 2018]
 Majik - Back In To Your Heart (Melodies International) [April 2018]
 Love Company - Love Tempo (Athens Of The North) [January 2018
 Keep Diggin :) (It’s A Secret) [Sometime In The Last 6 Months]
 Family Attraction - God’s Children (Family Groove Records) [November 2017]
 Theo Parrish - Gullah Guchee (Sound Signature) [January 2018]
 Darryl Douglas Inc. - Holdin’ On (Kalita) [February 2018]
 Stark Reality Band - Say Brother (Athens Of The North) [November 2017]
 Gloria Jay - Know What You Want (Melodies International) [December 2017]

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