lo key’s International Women’s Month 2018 – Part 3

For our third instalment of the International Women’s Day, we collaborated with a very talented artist from the Bournemouth area. Creating a bit of an unusual show, and also my first appearance on the radio. I must admit, I have to brush up on my deck skills but atleast this time I’m not knocking into them and stopping the music. As they say, patience and practice makes a professional.

The talented artists goes by the name Efii and she has kindly created a mix especially for the show. She definitely knows her way around the decks, unlike me and is a real inspiration to all us females. One day, maybe I will be as successful as she is but till then.. listen to her mix and read the Quick Fire Q’s we did below;

p.s. take my music selection with a pinch of salt – it’s just a bit of cheddar. One day I will be a techno DJ playing mad sauce in Berlin but till then you’re left with blue cheese. Watch out for my second radio show with the lo key crew on 18th April from 10pm till midnight.



  • Hi Efii, if you could introduce yourself and tell lo key what it is you do and how long you’ve been doing it for, etc?

So, I have been DJing for around three/four years now! I first started when I was 21 and manage to secure my first gig at Ministry of Sound! After that I had my work game on and been lucky to have been growing since then! Playing around the country and to have established DJs & Producers in the game backing me! Playing in places like the The Arch, Lab 11 & Camden Roundhouse, I am continuing to keep grafting and achieve my dream! I also managed to appear on a BBC Radio 1Xtra  guestmix, which has always been a goal of mine! One day I hope to take a residency for the BBC and I am working very hard as one of my dreams has been to take over from Annie Mac’s Friday night slot when she leaves! Anyone who knows me, knows it’s my dream to be a part of the BBC! A personal highlight was being booked by one of my favourite Artist in the game, DJ Q. He personally booked me for his Our Sound Tour back in January! One of the best sets I have played! I have a very busy summer with festivals and gigs around the UK and I am excited to be out on the road! This year is looking busy and I couldn’t ask for more, and to be able to visit towns and cities to do what I love, I could ask for more!

  • The scene has burst with great female artists in recent years. Among those (if any), who is it that inspired you the most,  and how do you find it working in this industry as a female?

My inspiration who got me into Bassline, and anyone who knows me will know that I highly appreciate TQD (Royal T, DJ Q & Flava D.) So as you can imagine, supporting DJ Q in Birmingham was an absolute dream of mine! In regards to being a female in the industry, I find it very normal! Recently, I have had support by Mollie Collins and now an official resident for her & Macky Gee’s ‘Thumped’ event. My life seems to be surrounded by men. My house mates are men, my closest friends in and out of the industry are men but its very natural and especially with my housemates, they keep me very motivated to work hard and keep my eye on the prize! I have met contacts in the industry who are now some of my closest friends! I think when I step on stage, most of the guys laugh as if you see and meet me, it’s hard to believe I play Bassline! I look like the traditional girl from Bournemouth but who plays those wobblers with gun fingers on constant demand! I love what I do, and playing in front of a crowd feels so natural to me.

  • We’ve noticed that there’s a lot happening in the Bass music scene recently, particularly the UK. What is it like being a female in this side of the scene? And how do you feel about the bass music scene right now, regardless of gender?

I am seriously excited about the Bassline scene at the moment! Some of my friends are up and coming DJs & Producers, and it’s the most exciting time! Mostly all my music I play is made by my mates, which is incredible! I can not wait to see what happens this year and with some serious up and coming producers in the game, this year is sounding heavy! I am looking forward to it and personally for me, I can not to wait to meet some of the incredible people who send me support messages everyday! These guys are the people who motivate me and drive me to be the best DJ I can be! I feel so lucky as I am building up my DJing, I am beginning to build such an amazing fan base! Can’t wait to meet more incredible people this year!

  • Tell us how you feel about your hometown of Bournemouth and the scene down here? What made you move to London?

Bournemouth! What can I say about Bournemouth! I mean it’s my home town, I miss having chips by the sea a lot! The scene is growing in Bournemouth but for me personally, I met Flava D and she gave me some seriously amazing advice and I acted on that! Ever since I moved to London, I manage to do a guestmix on BBC Radio 1Xtra, play all around the country, have established artists put me on their nights and pushing my name out there and for that I am seriously greatful! London is such an amazing place to grow as a person and an artist! Yes, I may pay 40p more for a loaf of bread but I do not regret the move! I adore my friends and family back at home and with my dad being my number one fan, I know that Bournemouth will continue to support me! I am playing a lot back in Bournemouth in May, so can not wait to come home, see my friends and bring my parents along to the set! Can’t wait to see my dad get down to Bassline, I can image he has a better bass face than me!

  • Vinyl or Digital? and how to do you think vinyl fits into the bass music scene, if at all?

I personally use digital but learning to use vinyl. I mean with technology changing, everything seems to be evolving! I am never going to knock someone for using vinyl or digital, if you are passionate about what you do and have great music taste, why should you be worried! I feel what ever you feel comfortable using you should use! I love that I can make mad loops and use effects to make my shows stand out! If you have ever seen one of my shows you will understand! If you use vinyl or CDJ’s, it doesn’t matter! As long as your passionate and can stand out, then you keep doing what your doing!

  • Technique or Selection?

 I mean this must be a trick question! Personally I use both! When I create my sets I always think in the back of my head, if I paid for a ticket would I be happy with what I heard! So far the reaction from the crowd has been a good one! I think as a DJ they are both important, you could have great selection but not be strong at beat matching or your technique is on fire but you haven’t got the music to give you that edge! Both are very important and I put a lot of hours aside each week to do both! Practice and find outstanding track that you and the club would love! Who said DJing was easy, I mean it’s a lot of time but it will really make the difference for your sets! If I can give one solid bit of advice, practice, practice, practice! You might get bored of you track selection quick, but it will all be worth it when your playing at your favourite festivals!

  • Ketchup or Brown Sauce?

Honestly, i absolutely hate, I mean hate brown sauce! So, if I am have a bacon bap after a night of DJing, it would have to be ketchup!

  • Red Stripe or Posh IPA’s?

Okay, so when I am down in Bournemouth my perfect day would be going to the pub Chaplins and having a pint of Red Strip in their frankly, amazing and best Beer Garden in Bournemouth! I might be known as the posh, southern girl in the Bassline scene, but like I said earlier, expect the unexpected when it comes to me!

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