lokey.wav w/ Warwick – March 2018

James got in contact with us around the tail end of Summer 2017 and quickly impressed with the content on his soundcloud and knowledge of the music circles we find ourselves in (there’s a rumour he had the audacity to ask Mall Grab for a fag one time while off his nut…).

He played his first club night with the rest of the lo key DJ’s in February and has now taken on the third edition of our new music show.

Strong selection and production all round to bring just another flavour to this series. We hope you enjoy it as much as we all enjoyed it being recorded in the studio on that Wednesday eve.



Artwork by Maisie Reid

James/Warwick - WAVs

Check This Sound:

Reverend P - Soul Fire - Razor-N-Tape
Anthony Fade - No Limit - SB EDITZ
Ouvrijster - Lazarus - Make Believe
Yuksek & Bertrand Burgalat - Icare (Yusek Remix) - Partyfine
Dylan Forbes - Cruisin
Demuja - Take Me Free - Let's Play House US
Williams & James Jacob - The Learning Process (feat. Time Deluxe) - Strictly Rhythm
Pierre Mortitz - Eunuque Millionaire - Shall Not Fade
Etur Usheo - Don’t Walk Away (Sax Mix)
Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers - Projections - MCDE US
lélu - Be Down
Pierre Moritze - Jsors Le Coxis Du Fémur - Shall Not Fade
Superprince - TKO Dance - Razor-N-Tape
Anthony Fade - Higher - SB EDITZ
Minnie Riperton - Inside Your Love (Julio Cruz Edit)
xxxy - Taking The Easy Way Out
Mark Blair - Earth, Wind & Acid
Burial - Archangel (Jazzy Rhythmer Remix)
Jeigo - Lordbuck Jazz (Big Miz Remix)
Martin Hayes - Turn You On - Razor-N-Tape
Secret Lover - Oxy - Heart To Heart
Anthony fade - Ymmf (Auto Disco Mix) - SB EDITZ
Finn - Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough

Productions & Pals:

Warwick - Boogie’n
Craig David - 7 Days (Mall Grab Edit) [Wawrick’s F*** You I’ll Make It Myself Re-Edit]
Redman - Pick It Up (Kuba Remix)
WTSN - 1nce Again
Warwick - Jokes Sample
Warwick - Dyin’ To Be Dancin’
WTSN - Meia Noite No
Wawick - Damage
Warwick - Synths & Vibes
Tom Blanchard - Bed Time (feat. Steph)
Traces & D£DW8 - Psychopath
Traces - Nature
Traces - Drop
Modjo - Lady (Warwick’s Unnecessary Breakbeat Edit)
WTSN - Grime a Side
WTSN - Funky Dance
WTSN - Dusk

Round Off:

Crackazat - Coffee Time - Eureka!
Mall Grab - Feel Good House (EAcapella)
Harrison BDP - Obsession - STAMP
Mark Blair - She’s On Meth


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