Idaaa – our little gun drillaaa

Hey I’m (E)Ida

I’m 7,774 days old (as I’m writing this). I like, dancing like a nuttah, and summoning the dark lords of the disco land.

So let’s say I’m the lo key manager ayeee…

You might then ask… Why does lo key even need a manager, what do you do?… Mostly I just enjoy the parties , if I’m honest… I recently started drinking Red Stripe…

(Sometimes) I come up with ideas and concepts, or like bump in to the decks and stop the music, things like that. I like to give the family motivational and entertaining speeches, keep everyone on their toes and in them creative caps… Tell the guys what’s popping, and what’s rotting… Ride that white van in to the darkness with my friends… That sort jazz.

So it all started with a motivational speech, outside Buffalo Bar Summer 2017. (REST IN PEACE) I think it was the second Future People party, but I have a hazy memory… With the warm, red Winton sunset sun above our heads, I burst in to a long and meaningful motivational speech about how we gonna funk it up (and we did). This moved my friends greatly, and after that the managing role was born (caesarean section). ha! I began to collaborate more with the collective even recording some jingles for the radio and having lessons in “how to avoid falling in to the decks”.


That’s my poster right there my most recent work is Zimmer where we’ll turn Old Firestation into a total madhouse of mashed up genres and manic sounds. So get your dentures ready and boogie to some disco-tech house junglejazz… I’m excited to see how all of this works out….

But let me summarise how I manage these boys and girls and what they do;

Key Hole is a darker experience from the lo key family. Its the weird younger brother, that sleeps till 4pm and raves till late, I guess. Imagine you are walking through a club, no clue what time/day it is or who you are, you’re so mushed that even though your eyes are fully open, everything seems as if you were looking through a key hole. That’s keyhole. I think….

Future People is like the older sassy sister that has her life on some sort of track…

My involvement with Key Hole is that I made the posters for this event. Also I love the heavy bass, and dirty jump up.

Does anyone even read this?

Rock on bitches \M/



Do you feel like you have aged 50 years in the last 2 months… We sure do…. How about you get out that walking stick, put in your dentures and roll to Old Firestation to join us for a night of utter madness and disorder. For on this night anything goes…

moodymiché313 & klenn underground
sexy matty
More to be announced
(All profits from this night will go towards the Model Making grad show)


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