lokey.wav w/ Phil – January 2018

phil is one of the new boys on the scene here at lo key and already he’s giving us all a run for our money with his enthusiasm and laid back, tall presence behind the decks (or it could be I just forget how tall he is each time I see him)…

Brave move to take on the first episode of our new concept show, lokey.wav being the “newbie” and all, but I’m really glad that we have someone on board who’s clearly influential in the right way (he’s responsible for Miche’s spin back that night at 60 million postcards…) and going to make us all sweat a little bit. I touched on this quite a few times I think but it’s really hard to come across folk who are equally as enthusiastic about what we do (look out for a page explaining what we do soon btw), but also have the quality to match what you could arguably call “industry standards”…

I won’t derail this with a rant, or inflate that ego of yours any more phil 😉 but I take great pleasure in presenting the first installment of our new music show – recording above…

lokey.wav will be aired once a month over on our radio takeover once a fortnight, and all shows and archives can be found by clicking one of the hyperlinks above lol, or at the top of the page.

See you all soon



Artwork by Maisie Reid

January 2018 wavlist;

hZa - 134
hZa - Fragile
Sub Basics - Earthstrong
Hebbe - Dubmedika
Mr.K - Inca
Rygby x Mr.K - Muay Thai
Raptix - Aaru (Ramsez Remix)
SkintDisco - The Pipe (Unreleased)
Traces - Knowledge (Unreleased)
Phossa - Static (Unreleased)
Samrai & Platt - Bad Riddim
B:Thorough - Horns Choir (Unreleased)
Zinc - 138 Trek (GUNDAM Refix)
Causa - Medication VIP
Chief Kaya - Babylon Fall
Mr.K - Realtime Feat. Le Lion
Cubiqle - Sustain
Teffa - Mr Mobster (Unreleased)
Distinct Motive - 40hz
Bengal Sound - 2 Worlds
Kloudmen - Djurö
DubDiggerz - East On Horizon
Epoch - Fleahunt (Unreleased)
Fiend - Expect (Unreleased)
Hebbe & Samba - Subway
Mr.K - One Skin
D-Operation Drop - Phonetalk
BThorough - Shadow Realm x And Again (Unreleased)
Teffa - Hey Yo Soundboy
Ceiva - Dope (Unreleased)
Bengal Sound - Pablo
Dunman - Composure (Unreleased)
Baku & Unknown Order - Seven Days
Bengal Sound - Silence Soundboy
Causa - Struggle
Teffa - Rudeboy (Unreleased)
SkintDisco - Type Zero (Unreleased)
The Cosmos - Nasty Ways
Traces - Nature (Unreleased)
Bengal Sound - Wushu Hand
Zygos - Prowler (Unreleased)
Teffa - Szzr (Unreleased)
Traces - Hotel Dub
SkintDisco - Blutack (Unreleased)
Jang - Assembly Line
Cartridge - Succulent (Unreleased)
GUNDAM - Darkside Dub
Binary - White Lotus
Teffa - ChP (Unreleased)
Samba - Blister
Centauri - Invicta (Unreleased)
Causa - Juce (Unreleased)
Mr.K - Take Time
Asa - Ebony (Sorrow Remix) [GUNDAM Edit]
Teffa - No Fks Given (Unreleased)
Glume & Phossa - Twisted
Dunman - Vader Hood Riddim
Traces - Psychopath (Unreleased)
??? - Damage (Unreleased)
Tippa Irie - Dreaming of a Brand New England (Phil's DnB mashup) (Unreleased)

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