lo key’s Quick Fire Q’s w/ Luke Ferguson

One of our favourite Brummie’s came to stay with us in October 2017 where we did a bunch of stuff like crate digging over at Rose Red, threw a special farewell Eat’s N Beats for Alice, spent an additional few hours at South Coast Roast eating Archie’s treats, and then ventured to the midlands for our annual evening of Leftfoot shenanigans over at The Rainbow Venues.

Luke is amongst a serious bunch of heads we met up there in May 2016 when all of this was still fairly new to us. 18 months later and we’ve done the 6 hour round trip more times than we care to admit – Hare & Hounds Kings Heath (the birth place of UB40) for Session Victim one time where Matty and Miche failed to make it to the main event (and the one time Craig stayed sober) and Moomin on another occasion where things went more smoothly – hey emily ;-). Rainbow Venues for the annual MCDE sesh, and not to mention kyle getting kicked out during yougoodthing’s set at Rainbow for starting a fight with the sound engineer.. tut tut! Safe to say then we really do indulge in the parts of Digbeth when we venture up that way and are really chuffed we decided to take the trip up in May 2016 to see Brame & Hamo in the first place – even more chuffed that we spent time outside Lab 11 chatting to Ben early morning.

Dont worry, this post isnt a trip down memory lane as it’s only been 18 months since we met those guys ffs… I have no doubt we’ll see a lot more of Birmingham and it’s lovely people though, but I did want to take this chance to say thanks to you guys who have shown support and getting the lo key DJ’s to play at The Crown & Rainbow in June 2017, where Matty didnt even make it to Rainbow after we got a few of the older ladies dancing to our disco pint swinging tekkers. You can find that epic image of Matty’s state that night right here… lol

So yeah, thanks to Ben, Jess, Steffan, Omagh, Niall, and the rest of you I can’t think of from the top of my head. There’s so much I’d like to include in this post, but lets focus on the reason we’re really here…

Fergy Feeeerrrrggg!

Enjoy x


  • Hi Luke, if you could introduce yourself?

Hi kyle and Andy 

Well where do I start, I’m a Birmingham based DJ and music enthusiast… part owner of a brand called Moulin Groove and I’ve been collecting records for a good 10 years strong and still haven’t found the answer to my groove getting habit.

  • Friday night slot or Sunday afternoon slot?

what about Saturdays?! lol Erm well I’ve never played a Sunday afternoon slot so if there’s anyone out there willing, boy do I have some numbers for you 😜 I feel chill sets like a Sunday afternoon you get to reach for records you wouldnt normally play in a friday night slot but both are equally exciting. Hangover cure or the cause of the hangover would be my question to you?..

  • Records or Digital?

Is this a trick question? My love for wax will never go away my bank account would tell you exactly the same story. But these days both formats are vital for any DJ coming up because not all clubs supply turntables and you can have fun on CDJs tbf. But if I had the choice then it would be records.

  • New Releases or Crate Finds?

New releases, pushing forward is key to find new and exciting sounds but the same can be said if you go back in time too just because it old doesn’t mean it’s not new to your ears, literally there are no rules when it comes to digging records. Sometimes the art work on the front cover works better than even listening to the thing, I’ve found some awesome records that way.. Herbie Hancock’s headhunters being one of them.

  • First Pressings or ReIssues?

I’ve have to say reissues. The past year and a half I’ve found love for 80s Afro beat/Nigerian funk and boogie. These old records very rarely fall in to my lap so it’s nice to have record labels like PMG, Crown Ruler and Jam Wax re pressing these awesome records. Only You by Steve Monite still does things to me to this day. Thank you PMG

  • Technique or Selection?

Growing up I’d spend hours trying to beat match every record I had. As much as it’s cool to keep the floor dancing to one continuous mix, I feel the wiser I’ve got the more important track selection (on the fly) is to me.

  • 7s or 12s?

I try to use both in my sets as well as a few digital numbers… after all, if it sounds good, play it! 👍

  • Red Stripe or Posh Crafties?

Red Stripe, I’m common as muck..

You’ll be able to find Luke over on the socials here – for bookings you can email fergusonluke90@outlook.com


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