Reloop Thursday – Ctrl + Alt + Delete

So we did a lot over 2017, which means we’ve ended up with a bunch of recordings that are easily lost if when we dont keep on top of things.

Here’s a little recording from a Saturday we spent at South Coast Roast for the lo key air show all dayer – our archives are full of content from many a rendezvous over the summer so no doubt you’ll be seeing more of these – the good and the bad haha 😉

Dan is part of the Delete crew and another local DJ that’s been around Bournemouth for time, keeping things interesting down here since back in the days when Dusk Till Dawn was still around with his strange and wonderful sounds. Probably described as a bit weird for most people but it’s this experimentation with music that keeps things interesting – the more of it the better if you ask us. Unfortunately we do not currently have a clear picture of Dan as he tends to be quite camera shy.. that’ll change real soon though!

Catch Dan, Luke and a few other friends at 60MPC on 5 January – click me.

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