We hate popularity contests but…

go here and vote for redshift and prolific…


With that shit out the way, Dan & Matt have been making proper movements in the scene in the last few months, we all have really.

It’s nice to see that we’re all just plugging away at things though and connecting so many of Bournemouth’s dots. Miche and I played the Bicep afterparty, hosted by Space Cakes & Treatment, Dan & Matt won a competition to play at Neversleep’s last event and are already on the bill for the January gig. Micky did take two of Spiritland, Bob booked Kev Beadle of BBE etc etc.

So yeah we’re all pretty busy.

That means things can kinda take care of themselves now while I put my feet up and watch the money roll in… …


I fucking wish.

That’s not the point though – what you just read is a conversation I had with Dan aka Redshift at the Blackdrop Audio take over of South Coast Roast last Friday. It was really cool to see a different crowd [read: the dnb crowd ;-)] in the venue and hearing the stories of Klaudia’s not so proud moments haha. Also cool to see and catch up with a few faces I recognised from Boomtown a few months back.

Dan & Matt (Prolific) hosted Blackdrop Audio & Breakout for a key hole takeover whilst a few of us were frolicking in Amsterdam. There was some serious heat during the 6 hour key hole takeover and you’re lucky enough that episodes 6 & 7 are live and embedded in the mixcloud playlist below, for your pleasure.

Props to the guys once again for handling the darker side of lo key and thanks to Nick, Jay, Dom and the rest for your support.


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