Hey bro, how’s your groove?

I was delighted to be asked by lo key’s Miché to team up with him and provide some tunes at a new little midweek session, to be entitled ‘Good Groove’. I’ve shared the decks and radio airtime and hung out with Miche on many previous occasions; he is undoubtedly a lovely young man with impeccable taste, so my answer was an immediate “Yes!” When he then told me that the venue was to be Springbourne’s absolute gem of a watering-hole The Firkin Shed, I modified my response: “Yes! YES!”

So, what’s the ‘Good Groove’?

We’re thinking music in a variety of styles, genres and tempos, old and new alike, the obscure and classic complementing each other, with lashings of melody and harmony. Think jazz, soul, ‘library’, groovy ‘AOR’, maybe even the ‘right side’ of disco to tap your toes to. There’ll be a fair bit of ‘modern soul’ for sure but, more than anything, the Good Groove is about ‘the right sounds at the right time’! The Firkin Shed has a lovely sound setup, really conducive to hearing the music but not overpowering.

‘Good Groove’ is at The Firkin Shed on Tuesday 7th November from 7:30pm. Come join us, have a drink and a natter, hear the music and enjoy… see ya there!




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