What is the definition of eclecticism?

Matt Richards

He probably won’t remember this, but I met Matt in March 2016 at the Dimitri from Paris gig hosted by Canvas. An evening where dabbing was still cool [I’m looking at you Adam Fox ūüėČ] and the hangover the next day is not even worth the place it holds in my memory…

I remember I’d only recently been added to the eclectics group on fb and Matt commended me for my choice of Peven Everett’s “Put Your Back Into It” as my first ever contribution to the group in what is now seemingly it’s infant years – I’ve since bought the repress in April 2017 so I guess that closes that story off quite nicely.

We’ve got a lot of time for the boys at those boys though as our soiree‘s over 2017 will show.

Matt’s fucking lovely though – I think they call him ‘the murmer’ haha but don’t quote me on that (sorry, Matt)¬†– and every time we meet up the conversation is nothing short of interesting.. another early convo consisted of his love affair with Larry Heard and the early Chicago sound after he did a mix for Uncle Bob back in the winter months. It’s a style that has a very distinct sound, but I guess these days you can say that about anything. My point is that Matt’s sound is very different from the rest of the eclectic boys (kinda pointing out the obvious but that’s probably why what they do works so well) and in our opinion he’s up there with one of our favourite local selectors.

I’d love to digress and harp on about our talks about the History of House, Theo Parrish and all sorts of other debauchery but I’m certain we’ll touch on those again during our escapades down South Coast Roast soon as this little continues to community grow… you should come join us too!

Keep an eye out for more individual features in this series.. Nick, Micky and the rest of the crew.

We hope you enjoy the next couple of hours.


All tracks are taken from Matt’s collection and the releases can be found below;

 1. Serene - At The Zenith 
 2. Flash & The Pan - Flash & The Pan 
 3. Chris & Cosey - Rise 
 4. Clannad - Atlantic Realm 
 5. A Vision of Panorama - Aquafusion 
 6. Silver Linings - So Good To You 
 7. Brian Ellis - Mirror/Mirror 
 8. Garrett - Private Life 
 9. Loose Ends - So Where Are You 
 10. Claremont 56 - Ten Years Anniversary 2007-2017 
 11. Senyaka - Bayanyonyoba 
 12. Willie Colon - Set Fire To Me 
 13. Carl & Carol Jacobs - Robot Jam 
 14. Mori-Ra - Jongno Edits Vol 4 
 15. DJ Normal & Bufiman - The 5 Elements EP Pt.1 
 16. Palmbomen II 
 17. Obsessions - Compilation 
 18. Holy Ghost Inc. - Walk On Air 
 19. Lord Of The Isles - Parabolas Of Neon 
 20. Keyboard Masher - KM Editions 
 21. Sade - Stronger Than Pride 
 22. Garrett - Private Life 
 23. Master C & J - When You Hold Me


Micky Brown3 @ Spiritland

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  1. didn’t know harvey sutherland had a band. learn something new every day! Silver linings incoming


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