The Boomtown Pre (Post) Party

What feels like only a few days ago (that’s what Boomtown does to you, I guess…) Dan and I were joined by our very own kylefromyougoodthing and guests Nicky G and Gnasher from Blackdrop Audio, a fresh new record label based in Bournemouth focused on showcasing all forms of underground bass music, for the latest key hole show.

In something of a “preparation” for Boomtown Fair we decided to get together for the two hours and jam back-to-back, pure and simple. What played out is a perfect taster of what to expect from the Blackdrop Audio boys and from us here at the key hole in time to come.

Enjoy the show and keep an eye out for a story of our antics during the 4 days of fuckery


Tracklist for this show is sponsored by Shazam… good luck!

    Summer 2017


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