Diggers Delights featuring Sean O’Connor

I first met Sean properly on our “top 5 of 2016” special at the end of last year, instantly, we started discussing and sharing records and bonding over our shared interest in Yussef Kamaal’s “Black Focus” album. After a busy few months for us and Sean, we were finally able to get him down to feature on our “yougoodthing presents” series.

Sean is a self professed “amateur record collector, IPA enthusiast and mellow fellow”. I can assure you though, his collection is far from amateur!

One of my favourite local Selectors, Sean took the show upon himself and together we host a 2 hour feature with some fine soul, disco, reggae and jazz cuts from his collection.

Sean also pays homage to Reference Point, eclectics and also the facebook group “The Mighty Mellow” in this show.

No tracklist for this one, keep diggin’!


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