the four corners record club with miche – episode 2

Miche is back with the second installment in his new series – the Four Corners Record Club.

“as we dive deeper into my ever growing record collection, this second episode features more of the obscure records you will hear me in the more intimate venues across the summer and autumn seasons. starting on the highly regarded Yusef Lateef and his track ‘morning’ we dig further through jazz and disco and end on some more dancefloor ready numbers, such as DJ Deep and Romain Poncet’s rework of the ever popular ‘Real Blues’ by St Germain.

served perfectly on sunny august afternoon in the garden with a beer.

m x”



morning – yusef lateef [us]
two thousand and seventeen – four tet [uk]
flute song – wildflower [uk]
welfare – antonio castro [us]
when the clock ticks – jazz liberators [france]
joint 17 – yussef kamaal [uk]
spyglass – o’flynn [uk]
vandre – carrot green and selvagem [brazil]
emotinium – Roy of the ravers [uk]
relax – panel de controle [brazil]
queen of my universe – infinity [unknown]
a brand new wayo – mixed grill [nigeria]
flan’m cho – erick cosaque & voltage 8 [guadeloupe]
mathar – dave pike set [us]
let’s stay together – margie joseph [us]
i wouldn’t change a thing – coke escovedo [us]
lowdown – boz scaggs [us]
mr look so good – richard “dimples” fields [us]
still in love – shuya okino [japan]
garlic fist bump – brame and hamo [ireland]
sundays – harry wolfman and loz goddard [uk]
real blues (dj deep & romain poncet remix) – st germain [france]
this girl – cookin’ on 3 burners [australia]
thinking of you – lord echo [new zealand]

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