the key hole

“Underground will never die baby. We’re just like roaches, never dying, always living…”



Welcome to the key hole..

A show dedicated to all of you who love it hard, dark and heavy.

We get together once a fortnight to celebrate the jaw crushing sounds of our favourite underground genres and our aim is to give you a taste of the darker side of our record collections – we’re talking 2-4am when everything is at it’s quietest and there’s barely a soul roaming the streets outside. But what society dont know is that somewhere there’s likely going to be a dark space filled with sweaty people who have probably consumed many substances which we won’t talk of here and they’re all enjoying the sounds of production that Radio 1 will never even dream of playing.

We’re super fussy when it comes to playing the right stuff for the right moment here at lo key and we’re also very conscious that a lot of our work so far has been mainly aimed at shindigs where the vibe is more fitting to early evening or afternoon chill sessions or peak time disco bangers. The key hole will therefore be your escape, or introduction even, into music less accepting by general public or radio. As if we couldn’t get any further underground.

So far, Redshift and Prolific have got things moving by hosting the first few episodes and showcasing what the local drum and bass scene has to offer.

We have had the pleasure to share the airwaves with Nicky G, Enta, Gnasher & Operate – all of whom are making serious movements around here in Bournemouth but also the wider national scenes. Each of these colourful personalities has brought their own unique twist to the show which makes it that much more exciting to be a part of.

Turn off your lights, grab your strobes and fire up the last week’s show in order to get a good understanding of what we’re all about.

Roll safely G’s

—kyle & Redshift


the key hole will return soon.


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