Future People… v 2.0

In the first part of this series, Matt kindly summarised our first party for us. Time quickly caught up and it was soon time for the second one.

To be honest this time I was a bit nervous seeing as the first one went down so well. And rightly so as the crowd this time consisted of more of our already established DJ friends who we’ve been hanging around, and working with for the past 2 years. This was a bit weird as I’d have thought these guys have seen us play so many times before that I’d feel comfortable with the fact that it wasn’t a bunch of new student faces… but I guess this is our first venture into throwing parties so we were all keen to impress!

It was another fucking belter though, with the dancefloor equally as packed as before but with a more Bob Hill shuffle to it 😉

Massive shout to all you guys for helping us get to where we are, and also for the very kind words during and after… Micky, Gary, Chris, Garphie, Bob, Bob.. and the rest.  x


Of course some of you summer of 89 ravers might think we pinched the Plastic People name. Yes we kind of did, but really, we’re just trying to pay homage to something we weren’t lucky enough to be a part of.

Those are Miche’s words…

The memories that the Shoreditch nightclub created will always be left behind and we’re really grateful to Ade, Floating Points, Theo Parrish, the FWD nights, and many others, for the very simple idea of what a nightclub should be about – great space, great music and great people!

It’s now our turn to take the baton and see what we can concoct here in Bournemouth using those very ideas.

Future People will return in September…


p.s apologies for the technical difficulties on the recording in parts – we still hope you enjoyed the beer fuelled musical journey nonetheless.

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