Who is the 8th best DJ in the world?

So in early 2017 there was this DJ competition being run for a chance to play at Farr Festival 2017 that a few of us thought we’d fancy a crack at.

Farr, from what we gather, is one of the newer electronic music festivals that have popped up in recent years (lol, is 7 years recent?), and right up our street to be honest. We pretty much saw alot of the acts at this year’s Line Up during our trip to Amsterdam Dance Event during 2016 – Miche’s crush label “Heist” even had their own stage.

Point is, kyle managed to bag himself 8th place in the mix standings which were chosen by industry connoisseurs and geeks.

It was a fucking honour to be chosen in the top 10% to be honest, out of nearly 100 entries. Read up on that shit here…

We’re very likely going to be in the woods with these guys in a month’s time, partying to the likes of Floating Points, Chaos in the CBD and way more – there’s a write up on that here..

If any of you reading this are attending then hit us up on fb for a link up and a spliff.

Check out kyle’s mix above which he labeled #organic.


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