Future People

Last Friday, 5th May, saw the very first instalment of our Future People student nights, hosted at Buffalo Bar, Winton, and what a night was had. It gave me great pleasure to see the place so bustling, filled with many familiar and not-so-familar faces coming together to join us on our beer fuelled, musical journey.

I’d like to give a massive thanks to Charlie at Buffalo, not only for allowing us to host the night, but for also putting up with the night’s antics and debauchery; I have never seen the dancefloor so alive. Not only that but the intimacy of the whole event was amazing; having everyone at only an arm’s length away meant it no longer felt like we were DJs playing to an audience. Rather, it was like one big mess of people partying and enjoying the music together.

So here is where I feel obliged to every single person who came down and partied with us; we are all so greatly humbled. It’s very exciting to see that Bournemouth is receptive to what we do, and we will continue to put our all into bringing that little something different into the area.

The Next Future People takes place at Buffalo, once again, on Friday 2nd June where we will be joined by our very special guest and good friend, Micky Browne of the eclectics. Come and join us for another night of great music and great people; and yes, there will be more bongo drumming! In the meantime, you can listen to the live recording of our last show on Souncloud via the widget above.

Thank you all so very much. Here’s to the future; I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing you at the next one.

Matt –

p.s. Special thank you to Georgia. We know you finish uni soon and will be travelling and doing real radio stuff in the big world. We appreciate your input and support in helping us get this off the ground. Best of luck and we look forward to a place to stay when we visit Birmingham again 😉 x


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