An Echo

So in the last blog I wrote, I was talking about the positive impact music has on memory. We know that music can help us to remember stuff: past experiences especially. For one of my units at Uni I had to create a 30 minute piece of audio and as I hadn’t tested myself by making a radio drama in all my 3 years here, I thought I’d best give it a go. I wanted to revist this idea of music and memory, using it to tell a story. A first thought would be to create something quite uplifting, heartwarming or romantic. I thought I’d try something a little different. An Echo takes a more sinister approach on the topic, taking place in a near dystopian future where technology has advanced greatly…

In the current year of 2055, technology has of course advanced. A new head-set system, named The Echo, is currently in the process of being trialled amongst a range of people, in order to confirm that the product is safe and reliable for public use. Signals within The Echo’s headset enables users to enter a simulated reality, of their own past. A certain song that is resonated deeply within is played, relating strongly to a previous memory. In turn we are able to again experience that very memory, in 3D. 

It’s almost like a cinema into our own lives

It has been proven over many years that the connection our memory has with music, is very strong. Studies into those with memory related issues such as Alzheimer’s, have found that music is a strong none-methodological treatment in helping them to recall their past. It is for this reason that David Wills, a patient at Annie Claire’s nursing home for those suffering from Dementia, is one of the lucky few that have been offered the chance to test the product. 

Some memories however, we do not wish to remember.

An Echo demonstrates how the near future may hold frightening dystopia, that is not at first so easy to identify.

–       Enjoy! x

Georgia Peglar

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