What we’re playing – 2017

A few weeks back, we discussed what means of media we could bring forward (present) to represent what we do and after spending the last few months following some of the best playlists out there (Gilles Peterson, I’m looking at you…) we’ve decided to compile a list of tracks we’re all enjoying right now. As a man of many words I’ve given you a short write up of my peer’s selections and also a small little tip that I enjoy, but frankly? Sit back, open a beer and hit shuffle.

The playlist opens with tracks 1-10 from Georgia, A lovely selection of dubby cuts from artists such as FaltyDL and Chaos in the CBD through to some of the rawest techno with Ryan Artifact. Leopard Eats Luke’s edit of dancefloor heavy “Wonky Bassline Disco Banger” is a strong choice and guaranteed to wake you up and get into the vibe of the playlist.

Miché’s Tip: Significant Others – Chaos in the CBD

Tracks 11-20 are my selection, opening with the hotly sampled Doc Severinsen. It also features tracks from Dutch heavyweights Nachtbraker and Detroit Swindle (of course…) . My tip would be the Symbol 8 track, re released on Athens Of The North last year. I’ve also included one of the originals of one of my latest free edits… (shameful self promotion alert)

Miché’s Tip: All of them maaaan, of course!

Up next with his selection from tracks 21-30, is the aptly named Mr Nice Guy, or Daniel Sosnowski as you may know him. His 10 tracks start with Bournemouth Drum and Bass producer Rizzle and takes you on a journey through a smooth liquid selection.

Miché’s Tip: 20 Questions – Ivy Lab

Kyle selects the next 10, from 31-40, starting on Daphni’s “Ye Ye”, a dark early morning track but the selection changes direction dramatically with artists such as Seun Kuti also included. A great eclectic selection but the tip here is definitely Kornél Kovács with “Szikra”.

Miché’s Tip: Szikra – Kornél Kovács

40 tracks deep with everything from disco from the streets of accra through to some wicked liquid drum and bass. Up steps Matt Sims, DJ Prolific with tracks 41-50. Yet again more eclectic vibes and deeper into the dnb side of the playlist. A some what Latin feel to Matt’s choices with DJ Marky and Dj Patife selected a few times. Picking a tip from this is hard as I’m torn between the incredibly funky “Fall for you” by Peshay, but I think DJ Patife takes it with “Sambassim”

Miché’s Tip: Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix) – DJ Patife

51-60 is selected by one of the newest guys to our group, and a different feel yet again with Jimbo choosing 10 of his favourite Hip Hop tracks he is currently playing, featuring names as Joey Bada$$ and Wiz Khalifa, it’s the perfect way to close the mostly dance music laiden list with a more chilled ending.

Miché’s Tip: Devastated – Joey Bada$$

You might be wondering what happened to our good friend, Craig Holding AKA CruggyBeats AKA CrugSyncOnlyFresh is on all of this? Well as we will be updating the playlist periodically, I’m sure he will one day send me 10 songs he’s enjoying… after all, Ripa Na Xulipa ten times might be a little much…

M x

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