Across the Tracks

Last Friday saw a great gig at 60 Million Postcards which was hosted by our very own Gandalf, or as he’s more widely known.. Bob Hill. Bob is head of “The Return of The Illicit Groove” and someone we’ve worked with very closely over the last 6 months or so..

Miche did a little recording of the aptly named night, Across the Tracks, which is one of Bob’s regular shindigs. Described as “a locomotive of DJ’s travelling to all stations from The Wag to The Loft via The Bronx, Brooklyn, Brixton and Bournemouth”, the music on the night is always fitting to that label and we’re glad to be involved with it in some way, shape or form.

Listen back to the 4 hour recording below where Miche (yougoodthing), Micky (eclectics) and Bob (The Return of The Illicit Groove) took us on a nice little journey through their record bags and musical tastes… I can confirm a good time was had by all and definitely look forward to the next night of debauchery with you lovely lot.

We’ll be doing our best to work alongside these gents as the year goes on, with our very own parties starting at Buffalo Bar, Winton from early summer onwards.

More on that soon!


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