Welcome to the website of the lo key collective, a grassroots creative platform producing content from a range of different creative scenes, sources, places, people. We’re a group of friends based in Bournemouth who were bored of not being able to go out to venues and hear the music we wanted to listen to. We thrive off collaboration – promoting events, content creation, providing the bars and cafe’s of BCP with our own hand picked DJ’s / vinyl collectors, and also providing consultancy surrounding the basics of Audio and Visual equipment.  Most of our social gatherings surround music and creating content that is unique to our brand and style.

Our aim is to continue uniting Bournemouth’s independent wandering community by showcasing projects, ideas, opinions and experiences.

Stick around, hopefully you find something you like 🙂 x

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Yelp Reviews

“I think you guys have nailed the balance of trustworthiness and excitement. Most business putting on events don’t want to spend their time finding new exciting DJ’s.”Mr Velodomestique

“I don’t know what you guys do, but I LOVE IT”Steve @ Eight Arch Brewing

“The beautiful thing about being a part of lo key is that it’s taught me how to DJ over the course of 3 or more hours using vinyl. I’ve also learnt how to mix many different genre’s together, so after 2 years I no longer think of genre’s in a traditional sense.”Pylon Soundz